The coaches of the seminar

Kristine Konsmo

Kristine Konsmo will take care of the Sword & Buckler class on both days. Kristine has been involved in sword & buckler fencing in the style of I.33 for almost 10 years – as a competitor, researcher and coach. Although her main interest is in the I.33 of technique interpretation, she used the opportunity of competitions to test her interpretation in the ring. She won her first tournament in 2011 at Swordfish in the category „Open Sword & Buckler“. Kristine is also an experienced referee at international tournaments, especially long sword tournaments.





Axel Pettersson

Axel Pettersson takes over the longsword part of the double seminar. Axel started training Historical European Martial Arts in 2002, when he joined the local ARMA group in his hometown Falun at the age of 17, led by Hans Jörnlind and Nils-Erik Fahlvik. Axel’s main focus is on the early sources of the German longsword tradition, especially Sigmund Ringeck. He also studies extensively wrestling as well as the longsword, dussack and rapier system of Joachim Meyer. In addition, he develops modern training and coaching methods. His competitive career began in 2008 and to date he has won more than 35 gold medals as well as several silver and bronze medals in various weapon categories at international tournaments, making him one of the most successful historical fencers of our time.




The club

Ochs – historische Kampfkünste e.V. is an association registered since 2002 that deals with the reconstruction of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). With about 250 members, Ochs is one of the clubs with the largest number of members for historical fencing in Germany. Through our seven chapters (Bad Tölz/Oberland, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Garching a.d. Alz, Landshut, Munich and Pfarrkirchen) we are represented in large parts of Bavaria.

Via the Bavarian Fencing Federation (BFV) we are organized in the Bavarian State Sports Federation (BLSV). Thus it is possible for us to use the trainer education of the Bavarian sport fencers for the qualification of our coaches. The practical part „Historical Fencing“ is actively shaped by us during this training.

The Munich location is the largest department within our club. In several training sessions per week we offer a variety of disciplines (Longsword, Sword & Buckler and Langes Messer). The programm is supplemented by the inclusion of other weapons (e.g. dagger, wrestling, dussack, rapier, pollaxe and staff) in the training or in our weekly „free“ training session.

Further information about our club can be found on our website.